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When Walter, a bathrobe-clad octogenarian, robs the bank using a concealed banana as the hold-up weapon, Kate and Aunt Kitty speed after him in Kitty’s mammoth 1974 Eldorado convertible. But instead of retrieving their cold hard box office cash, they find a still-warm dead body, much to the consternation of a sexy law enforcement official who happens to be Kate’s current person of interest in the boyfriend department. Things go from bad to worse when Kate’s ex-flame from the Treasury Department and a quart-low biker gang—the Devil’s Cheerleaders—get involved in the mayhem.

 Despite continuous misadventures—from Sausage Festival pandemonium to a malfunctioning giant man-eating plant from Splotski’s Theatre Rentals—Kate and Kitty are determined that the show must go on.

 Sexy, sassy, and hilarious, this mystery is the second in a series featuring amateur sleuth Kate London.

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 publishes the 
Kate London Mystery Series,
Love laughter, and lots of mystery go hand in hand in Susan Goodwill's, Brigadoom, first in the Kate London mystery series. Yum! I highly recommend this entertaining read."Lori Avocato- Author of NIP TUCK DEAD

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